The best free image editor you probably don’t know exists

Want to create beautiful images in quick time? The good news is you don't need expensive or complex editing tools.

If you haven’t started using BeFunky to enhance your social media images yet, you’re selling yourself short.

Here’s why…

I want to state up-front that I have no relationship with BeFunky other than being an admiring fan. So take this as an ‘untainted’ review.

The low-time, no-budget image editing app

As a small business owner (albeit one in the content production industry), I don’t have time to fluff around with Photoshop or one of the hundreds of over-the-top image editing apps out there.

Photoshop has its place, of course, but BeFunky can deliver stunning results suited for social sharing, with way less brain power.

What’s so good about BeFunky for stressed out small business owners?

  • Load the website, upload your image and fire away – it’s a very fast image editing app, and there’s no requirement to sign in.
  • Mobile apps for use while you’re on the road. Export to your camera roll or directly to Instagram or Facebook.
  • Simple (but powerful) editing tools geared towards optimising images for social media. Example? Click on ‘crop’, select ‘square’ and you have a pic that’s now perfectly sized to appear in full on your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook timeline.
  • Add a vignette (darkened edges in circular, square or letterbox shapes) easily by repositioning or resizing the selection fields on your screen.
  • Ever wanted that buttery background and sharp foreground you see in so many professional photos? It’s really eye-catching and you can emulate it by using the ‘funky focus’ tool. Select the area you’d like to keep sharp and the rest will blur like you were using an expensive lens. Gold.
  • Plenty of touch-up tools to soften skin, fix red eye and remove flash spots.
  • Wide range of free (as well as paid) filters to use on your images.
  • Funky text options to de-boring any words you add to your pics.
  • IT’S FREE to access most of the features.

Jump on and play around with the free version before posting your next image. You may be surprised – we certainly were.