KFC Big Bash League 05


Eight cities, eight stadiums, five weeks and more than one million spectators provided a wealth of content for Inside the Bash, which focused on the personalities and unique atmosphere of match night during BBL|05.

The 35-video series reached more than 1.1 million people online and generated over 175,000 views for the season.


The primary challenges of the BBL revolved around the near-daily air travel and extremely tight deadlines.

These were successfully managed by building and maintaining a tight schedule, and remaining disciplined to edit and upload immediately after each match – with finish times often exceeding 5am.

  • Producing 2 videos every game within 12hrs of the final ball
  • Managing deadline while travelling daily
  • Refining a general brief and providing structure as the season progressed
  • Getting the most out of limited human resources during a sustained period

View the series here